About Us

Mission and Vision

BOSEPO is a science competition that was founded by Richmond Park Schools. It aims at promoting the importance and value of science and technology for students. BOSEPO is a platform at which students present and compete with their science projects – papers, display boards and other models.

1. To help in learning about the scientific methods, techniques and materials development and deriving benefit by working with eachother.

2. To bring the schools closer to the community and society. The parents of the students derive pleasure and satisfaction on seeing the performance of their children. They are also acquainted with the applications of science in their daily lives.

3. To help in providing an appropriate platform and opportunity for a healthy competition on the individual and institutional level.

4. To help in bringing out the future scientists into the limelight and thus discovering them early to train them to be a skilled inventor for the growth of the society, nation and mankind.

The competition is divided into five categories

1. Energy
2. Environment
3. Engineering-IT
4. Short movie
5. Junior

5. To provide the opportunity to the talented or creative students to nourish and nurture their creative talents.

6. To stimulate interest in the students for science and thus may help making the study of science a joy in itself.

7. To allow for the students to get the opportunity to see the individual or collective performance of other students and be encouraged and inspired to work in the pursuit of science.

8. Science fairs prove a good media and means to the students for trying out scientific theory into practice.

9. To give the opportunity to the students as well as members of the community to understand the practical applications and utility of science.