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Short Movie Tips

Here we are, new year just started, we are ready for new challenges. Is making a short movie one of them?

Let’s face it, while creating a science project can be exhausting and you sometimes don’t even know where to start with research, short movies seem like a way to go, an easy approach to BOSEPO. You my friend are not completely wrong, considering that nowadays almost everyone has a mobile phone that can record amazing videos, one could just start the camera rolling and record that short movie. But, the reality is this: the moment you hit that record button, things do not seem to be the same anymore. You think what to say, how to convey your message. You record one, record twice, it didn’t turn out as you wanted it. You may need a plot, a script, a plan what to say and how to show it visually on the screen. After many trials and errors you finally made it, but did it convey the message it should?

How to prepare a project

Hello everyone, we know you are preparing for BOSEPO 24/7, that is a fact. Or is it? Do you have an awesome idea you are working on? Do you need some advice on how to do your project successfully? Here are some tips and strategies that can help you in all those areas.

Short Movie Theme

Dear producers, actors and directors,

Are your cameras ready for filming the most awesome short movie of BOSEPO 2018 project olympiad?

Short movie themes for BOSEPO 2018 is “Love Conquers All” and “FAILURE Road to Success”

For more info :


How to apply for BOSEPO project

Dear students who are so motivated and can’t wait to apply your project for BOSEPO project olympiad, we have great news for you! Application platform is up and running so you are only few steps from applying. It’s really as simple as logging to your social media account.

  1. Find your mentor at school.
  2. Visit and let your mentor register the project with their SchoolMind account.
  3. After they have registered your project, now you can login with your student SchoolMind account.
  4. Now you can fill in the necessary fields such as abstract and upload your project documentation files.

We know there is still plenty of time, but don’t wait too long, the time is passing by very quickly.

BOSEPO 2018 Coming Soon

Dear mad scientists! BOSEPO 2018 is coming soon. Yeah, we know, it’s the most anticipated event of our schools. New friendships are made, new people are met, competing spirit is at its finest, the hype is real. Some of you want to invent warm water again, some of you strive for new heights and dream about being Nobel prize winners and some of you just want to have a little bit of fun. Whatever the case, BOSEPO is there for you.