Frequently Asked Questions about BOSEPO

When and where is BOSEPO ?

  • Registration deadline : 07 February 2021,
  • Event Date : 19-20 February 2021 ,
  • Location : Richmond Park Education Campus , Francuske revolucije bb 71210, Ilidža , Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Who are eligible ?

  • Primary School Students (10-14 years)
  • Secondary School Students ( Aged 19 or below)
  • Each team should consist of  2 members
  • One mentor is required to accompany the team throughout the event dates.Mentors can be anyone who is older than twenty years old. Student and mentor are two distinct roles and cannot be merged.

Can I participate with more than one project ?

You have to register with only one project, otherwise you will be rejected.

What are BOSEPO awards?

  • Grand Prize
  • First Prize (Gold medal)
  • Second Prize (Silver medal)
  • Third Prize (Bronze medal)

What can I do ?

Check the Categories section.

How much does it cost  ?

A registration fee for national participants is 20 KM. The registration fee covers the expenses made by the organization such as display board, lunch (only one day) , medals, certificates and other promotional materials.

A registration fee for international participants is 250 Euros ( $285) per participant( including mentor).

The registration fee includes accommodation (share a twin room) and transportation from hotel to the event venue. The rate for extra night or single room is  60 Euros ($70) per night, per person.

Who are the judges at the BOSEPO ?

Each year about 30 science, engineering, and industry professionals serve as judges at BOSEPO. Most of the judges have a Ph.D. or another equivalent degree and/or at least 1 year of relevant experience. Judges volunteer their time and pay for their own travel and accommodation expenses.

What is the history of the BOSEPO ?

Richmond Park Education has been organizing the competition since the first BOSEPO in 2010 in Sarajevo. Initially a science fair, BOSEPO has evolved into a science competition at the level of international competitions in the world and has since grown into the best science competition at primary and high school level in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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