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How to prepare a project

Hello everyone, we know you are preparing for BOSEPO 24/7, that is a fact. Or is it? Do you have an awesome idea you are working on? Do you need some advice on how to do your project successfully? Here are some tips and strategies that can help you in all those areas.

1. Project ideas

You may lack that great idea. We all have been there. You want to do a project, but don’t know what. Here are some websites to get you started with ideas:

Here we suggest to choose College level and Confident from the offered fields so that you get a quality project idea, not some project for primary school science experiments.

This website is more sort of DIY thing, however you can get great ideas from it, just be careful with category you choose. And, don’t worry if the first tons of projects are some wooden tables and decorations, eventually you will get there. There are great projects on that website, you just need to seek and find one that suits your needs.

This is a great technology projects website. MAKE is a popular brand for projects in the tech world and you can not only get inspired, but you can actually find suitable perfect project idea to make it your own and who knows, maybe even win an award! Projects here are mainly based on Engineering.

You are not born with knowledge. You learn new things every day. Google Science Fair is a huge competition of this kind and what is better than visiting previous years great projects to get inspired. See what others did, see how winning projects look like to get an idea how far you need to go.

Also we suggest that you visit their YouTube channel for even more stuff:

Of course using YouTube generally is also one of the great ways to find valuable ideas. We highly recommend you to spend time and do an extensive search and if you are eventually going to find a lot of inspirational videos about projects.


2. Project Tools

There are certain things that you want to follow when creating a great project. Our website has lots of valuable data, but you are lazy in nature to dive deep into it. So here is the breakdown of the pages we want you to read:

Elements of a Successful Project
Judging Criteria
How to write an Abstract
Display Regulations

Now we understand you are not a Photoshop expert and may not know how to produce exact dimensions for printing. But, we got you covered. Here are two PSD template files that have exact dimensions and areas so that you can organize yourself better within the poster.

BOSEPO Poster Template Title

BOSEPO Poster Template Body

Of course, you are not a professional designer. However, there is a method to everything. Here are some great links for graphics that will be more than enough to get you covered for your poster. Just remember, simple copy paste without your personal touch will be worse than a blank nice white background.

If you don’t have PhotoShop, you can use a free application:

Also we understand that you need to see an awesome research paper so that you know what is expected to be the high standard:

Research paper example – Bioplastics – Bosepo 2013


Remember, hard work always pays off. Now go out there and grind!