Frequently Asked Questions about BOSEPO

When and Where is BOSEPO Project Olympiad?

The date and location for BOSEPO Project Olympiad is as follows:
Sarajevo College Ilidža , Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, February 22-23, 2019

Who participates at the BOSEPO Project Olympiad?

Students that compete in BOSEPO come from 6 high schools, all of which are members of Global Education. These high schools are: Sarajevo College, Una Sana College, International High School of Sarajevo, International High School of Tuzla and International High School of Zenica. Each school may send students to BOSEPO to compete in 3 different categories.

What are BOSEPO awards?

More than 300 students participate in the competition. Each entry is judged at least 2 times. Awards are money checks for which the amounts are decided by the organization committee. The grand winners of each category at BOSEPO receives full scholarship from International Burch University. Additional awards  are provided through the Global Educational Awards program and include tuition scholarships and field trips.

Who are the judges at the BOSEPO Project Olympiad?

Each year about 30 science, engineering, and industry professionals serve as judges at BOSEPO. All judges have a Ph.D. or another equivalent degree and/or at least 1 year of relevant experience. Judges volunteer their time and pay for their own travel and accommodation expenses.

What is the history of the BOSEPO Project Olympiad?

Global Education has been organising the competition since the first BOSEPO in 2010 in Sarajevo. Initially a science fair, BOSEPO has evolved into a science competition at the level of international competitions in the world and has since grown into the best science competition at high school level in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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