When Judges evaluate your project, they mostly focus on the following points:

1. Were you creative when doing your science fair project?
  • Does your research show creativity and originality?
  • Did you solve the question in an original way?
  • Did you construct or design new equipment?
2. Did you follow the scientific methods and procedures in your science fair project?
  • Did you clearly state your problem?
  • Did you use scientific literature when you do your initial research?
  • Did you clearly state your variables?
  • Did you use controls?
  • Does your data support your conclusions?
  • Do you recognize the limitations of the data / experiment? And did you state them in your conclusions?
  • Did you make suggestions as to what further research is warranted?
3. Were you thorough in doing your science project?
  • Did you carefully think out your science fair project, go about it systematically for simple science fair projects with well thought-out research following the scientific method for kids outline and observations?
  • Did you complete all parts of your research experiment?
  • Did you keep a project journal?
  • Did you keep detailed notes in your journal?
4. What was the quality of your technical skill?
  • Did you have the required equipment to obtain your data?
  • Was the project performed at home, school, university laboratory?
  • Where did the equipment come from? Did you build it? Did you loan it from somewhere? Did you work in a professional laboratory?
  • Did you do the project yourself or did you receive help? If you received help the judges are looking for you to give credit to those individuals.
5. Did you have clarity with the details of your science project?
6. How well your project fits in with the theme of being beneficial to society will be taken into account?