Create short movie in which you will convey the message (refer to the theme below) in a story enhanced with visual and audio effects by using popular video editing tools like After Effects, Sony Vegas, Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, iMovie etc. The duration of the film must be between 3 and 5 minutes. English subtitles are required for submissions with language/s other than English. All genres are accepted with the exception of music videos and animations. Stock footage can be used in some part of the movie if not fully allowed. Slideshows are not accepted. Once you submit your project on this site, you can continue working on it and make amendments until exhibition time at the world final.

For projects of SHORT MOVIE category; the completed videos should be uploaded on any Google Drive account and shared with [email protected] e-mail address including a note with the movie title, sub category and mentor name before the deadline. You should also add a description / synopsis and upload the script / scenarioto this website until then. Projects without the video or description / synopsis or script / scenario will be disqualified.