Apply to Become a BOSEPO Judge!


In February 2020, more than 300 students will be in Sarajevo to compete. These high school students are coming from different schools, they will compete for awards, scholarships and prizes.

Student finalists overwhelmingly say that the most significant interactions that they have at the Olympiad are with the judges. Likewise, judges find their discussions with these outstanding students to be a positive and uplifting experience. The objective evaluation of projects by BOSEPO Judges is the most important aspect of the Olympiad and determines the distribution of awards and scholarships.

By volunteering for only one day, you can play an important role in encouraging these students to become the future science and engineering leaders of tomorrow. Judging will take place at the Sarajevo college starting on the morning of Friday, February 21 until 16:00 p.m.

A Judge must have a minimum of one years related professional experience beyond receiving their B.A., B.S., or Master’s degree OR a Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent (D.O., Ed.D., D.D.S., D.V.M., etc.). Judges may include university faculty and scientists, industrial engineers and scientists, representatives of private and federal research centers and agencies, and medical researchers.

We ask that you consider volunteering your time as well as aiding us in reaching out to your colleagues to achieve our goal of providing approximately 20 judges needed to serve as Judges in the 7 scientific disciplines in which finalists will compete.