The BOSEPO Committee has the authority on project display and safety issues for projects to compete in the BOSEPO. BOSEPO Committee may require students to make revisions in their project displays if they deem it necessary.

Maximum Size of Project Display at the BOSEPO is as follows:

  • 125 centimeters deep
  • 140 centimeters wide

These are the maximum measurements, so your display may be smaller than this. Maximum project sizes include all project materials and equipments to present the project such as display board, models, kits, and devices.

For each project, BOSEPO will provide a booth that includes a skirted table, 2 chairs.

Students will use the table to stand their board. BOSEPO will provide a three-fold display board. You should come to the fair with pre-printed materials to prepare your board.

Tips for a good project display
  • Your title and other headings should be neat and large enough to be read at a distance of about 3 feet (1 m). The title should catch the interest of the observer.
  • May take pictures of important phases of the project to use in your display.
  • Be organized and make sure that your display follows a sequence.
  • Use neat, colorful headings, charts, and graphs to make your display eye-catching but it should look simple not crowded.
  • Be sure to follow display size limitations and safety rules.
  • Don’t spend too much time or money for the display. Your will be judged on the scientific value of your project.
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