How to Write an Abstract

Each student must write an abstract to be displayed with the project. An abstract gives the summary of the project. The abstract should reflect the essence of your project. Judges should gain a basic idea of the project after reading the abstract. Details and discussions should not be included in the abstract. If the students desires, he/she may be put the detailed information a written research paper or given on the project exhibit board.

Participants at the BOSEPO are required to use the online Abstract Form to submit their abstract.

The Parts of an Abstract

Purpose of the Experiment
  • An introductory statement of the reason for choosing and doing this topic.
  • A statement of the problem or hypothesis being studied.
Procedures Used
  • A summarization of the key points and an overview of how the investigation was conducted.
  • Do not give details about the materials used.
  • This section should provide key results that lead directly to drawn the conclusions.
  • It should not give too many details and numerical values about the results.
  • Conclusions should be described briefly.
  • State some applications and extensions of the research project.

An abstract should not include a bibliography.

Sample Abstract

Using transparent wastes as “Transparent thermal insulators”
Almir Sulejmanović, Ahmed Mašić
Sarajevo College, Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Nowadays people have big problems to maintain enough energy for their normal life needs, and to deal with big amount of municipal wastes that we are producing each second, so as a solution to those, we thought about finding new energy sources but also effective to the problem of big amount of municipal wastes, and to air pollution. As a solution, we aimed to study the usage of transparent thermal insulators that are really effective solution for heat conservation and at the same time is super solution against wastes.

Transparent thermal insulators are made of transparent wastes such as; plastics, glass, cellophane, nylon, etc. At the same time we can produce effective thermal insulators that will reduce our energy needs and we can also reduce emission of hazardous gasses that are produced by systems for heating objects as heat needs will be reduced because of better heat conservation. And secondly we can clean our environment from transparent wastes that make about 15 to 20% of municipal wastes. By using those wastes for production of transparent thermal insulators we can solve the problem of these wastes without producing many dangerous gasses during recycling process. We can also maintain new workplaces for many poor people that will be working to collect and select all of transparent materials (wastes) needs for production of transparent thermal insulators.

So the transparent thermal insulators are solutions for many of our daily problems, just we need to finish researches completely and use them to increase people’s life standards and to supply people’s needs.

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