1. The language of the competition is English; so, all competitors must have a good command of English.
  2. All students competing in the BOSEPO Fair must adhere to the rules set by the BOSEPO.
  3. All participants should choose an experimental or investigative project in related areas defined in the BOSEPO Student Handbook. Scientific methods should be followed in the research based project. The projects that are demonstrations, explanations of concepts, models, and kits are not appropriate for the BOSEPO.
  4. A research project might be a part of a bigger study conducted by professional scientists but the participant can only present the portion of the study that he/she involved actively.
  5. All students MUST register their projects online thorough the BOSEPO website and submit the required paperwork.
  6. All students must attend the BOSEPO with an adult supervisor. Adult supervisor might be a parent, a teacher, or a project supervisor.
  7. The students should submit the abstract and their research paper to complete online registration process.
  8. The copies of project abstracts will be distributed to BOSEPO judges before the judging time. Students should make their own copies of research paper, project journal, and other items to display at their booth. Displaying such items is not mandatory but is highly recommended.
  9. Any continuing projects can participate in the BOSEPO. The projects will be judged only on their most current research. The display should reflect most recent research and its comparison to previous data. Students must complete Project Continuation Form for multi-year studies.
  10. All team members should be fully involved with the project, know all aspects of the project. Judging criteria for team projects evaluates the coordinated efforts of all members.
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