Criteria Explanation Points
Creativity/Originality Originality of the problem; unique approach to solve a sustainability issue. 10
Review of Literature Research of scientific literature and use of references. 10
Scientific Thought Statement of hypothesis; clarity of purpose; identification of all relevant variables. 10
Scientific Method Evidence of depth of study and effort in employing scientific procedures; proper methods followed for experimentation and investigations. 10
Data Management Proper recording and display of data in tables, charts, and graphs; proper analysis of data. 10
Conclusions Drawing logical conclusions, consistency of conclusions with obtained data; recommendations for further research. 10
Applications Practical applications of the project; benefits for society in certain ways. 10
Research Skills and Effort Level of skills and effort by (each) researcher to carry out the project; amount of work; high level of understanding of the techniques and equipments used to gather data. 10
Understanding the Project (Each) Student’s understanding of each step during the implementation of the project. 10
Quality of Display Well organized display; project journal. 10
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